Norther interview
Vroeg op de avond reis ik per fiets af naar de Dynamo in Eindhoven voor het concert van Norther, met in het voorprogramma Drone en Amoral. Na een paar omwegen beland ik dan uiteindelijk met frontman Petri en bassist Jukka in de kleedruimte waar ik ga zitten voor een kort maar gezellig en relaxt interview.

Alright guys welcome to Holland, how do you like it here so far?
Both: Thank you, we’re always glad to come here, the crowds are always good.

Yesterday you guys played in Leeuwarden, how did that go?
Jukka: It went pretty well, it’s still early on the tour but the crowd was pretty responsive and we played well.

You’ve got a long tour ahead of you, what are your expectations?
Petri: The usual I guess, just putting on good solid shows and try to win new people over for our music, and maybe sell some stuff in the process, hehe.

I know it’s a bit early but what do you think about the other bands?
Petri: We’ve known Amoral for a while now, they’re pretty nice guys, mad as fuck too, Drone seem to be nice guys too, they drink a lot, but they’re Germans so that was to be expected.

Speaking of other bands, who would you like to open up for?
Jukka: Uhmm, anyone who’ll have us I guess, hehe, I couldn’t care less, as long as we can do our thing and play well.

About the new EP, how did that come about, did you have it laying around or is it all new stuff?
Petri: We’re currently looking for a new label, so we where like yeah fuck it let’s book a studio and see where it ends. It’s completely new stuff though, but you should see it as a promo cd.

I think it turned out great for a little promo but, don’t you think it’s a bit to soon to release it so shortly after Till death unites us?
Jukka: Thank you, I don’t see it as a problem, until this tour it was only available in Japan anyway, we’re not forcing anyone to buy our stuff it’s up to the fans.

You guys featured in a Finnish movie a while ago, what can you tell me about that?
Petri: It’s sort of a criminal action comedy, we sort of play ourselves but then differently, we’re a band in the movie but we have a different singer.
Jukka: It took Petri quite a while to get over the fact he wasn’t the one in the spotlight, hehe.
Funny thing by the way: after a show in Finland this chick walks up to me and says “Your singer looks so different in real life” that was hilarious.

How was it to do the movie?
Petri: Obviously cool, really different from shooting music videos

How did you get involved?
Petri: At first the director asked us to do the soundtrack of the movie (which you can find back on our EP/promo) and after get we simply got a role, no text by the way.
Jukka: I had one shitty line, just one, and they cut that out.

Totally different subject, what is you preferred Beer/smoke/liquor?
Petri: I like light beers, and for smoke, Marlboro menthol. In terms of liquor: Gin, gin is always good, in the morning, in the afternoon and in the evening, there is no bad time for Gin.

How do you feel about Petri playing in Ensiferum?
Jukka: I’m happy for him, it doesn’t get in the way with Norther so that’s good.

Petri how do you combine the two bands, because they are both pretty popular?
Petri: We don’t have set rehearsal times so that’s no problem.

How did you get involved?
Petri: I filled in for Jari (now in Wintersun) when he left and I sort of stayed around, did the “victory songs” album and kept on staying.

What do you think of the whole gimmick, the Viking stuff.?
Petri: It’s different but cool.

Jukka you have a well-known side-project (Wintersun) how is that getting along?
Jukka: Jari is still working on the new album but it is delayed to, at least, spring 2008

What can we expect of Norther in the nearby future?
Jukka: We’re going to release an album end of next year, on a label which has yet to be announced but I can’t say anything about that at this point in time.


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